Best Drone Photography Tips for Weddings

To some people, photography is a career but to majority, photography is a fun activity, and that is why most people are ever working hard to become professional photographers. Taking good photographs have to be approached in different perspectives with different ideas too.

Photography has been there for a long period, even though it was ground photograph and aerial photograph that was quite expensive as only helicopters were used. The current technology of drone photography has become the best alternative to capture landscape pictures and aerial photographs. Below are some tips that will guide you in taking the best pictures of a wedding using a drone.

1. Know the rules and seek permission

Flying a drone is not something that can be done everywhere at every time. There are many factors to consider before you fly a drone to take photographs. It is important therefore to know the rules before you fly a drone, do good research of the weather of your wedding day. It is advisable to look for places where there is no limit to fly a drone and also a place with clear weather condition which is conducive for flying a drone.


2. Shoot in raw format

In order for you to have an easy time during your post-production and photo editing session it is advisable for you to take your pictures in a raw format. By taking your picture in a raw format you get good pictures from the camera sensors date and hence higher resolution pictures. Higher resolution gives you an easy time in photo color adjustment and Photoshop as well.

3. Get the appropriate venue for drone photography

When you are doing a wedding and you would like to take photographs using a drone the best venue can be parks or islands that are permitted to fly drones, obviously you cannot do it in indoors.

Once you have decided on the venue, assemble your drone and experiment it by taking photographs at different altitudes to choose the best height that you will use to take photographs on the actual wedding day.

4. Consider a lower ISO

As cameras used in drones have very small sensors that cannot handle high ISO, so it is good to choose lower ISO that will suit your drone camera and hence taking clear pictures.
Always remember to adjust the settings of your camera before you fly your drone to ensure you expose your photos properly.


5. Use bracketing and auto exposure

Although most drone cameras are fitted with auto exposing bracketing. It is good to take advantage of the feature as it helps to take several pictures at the same time. After taking pictures with AEB, you then browse to select the best-captured photo with the excellent exposure.

6. Get ready to improvise

Despite all the preparation made for drone wedding photography. Things like weather and venue can change and therefore you should get ready to improvise and be very creative to make your business successful.

To be able to take good photographs using drones then you should consider going through the tips that will make you a good photographer and also a good drone user.