How Do You Know If Your Dog Is Healthy?

People love their pets and want the best for them. They will go out of their way to make sure their dog is healthy. If a dog is not feeling well a pet owner needs there are some signs the owner should be aware of to get them help. There are some ways to tell if a dog is healthy.

Monitoring Their Eating


If the dog does not eat or drink anything in a 24 hour period it is time to get them checked. While a dog may go through times when they have a larger appetite than others, if the dog does not eat anything in a day it is wise to get them checked out.

Body Check

Once a week a dog owner needs to perform a body check on the dog. To do this they will run their hands over the dog’s body checking to see if there are lumps, inflammation, cuts, or other signs of irritation.

The dog cannot tell the owner if something is bothering them and that is why this check is important.

Watch Them Walk

When talking the dog on a walk be sure to pay attention to the way that they move. If the dog seems stiff or gets tired easily there may be a problem. Also, watch and see if the dog has any kind of limp. This may mean a trip to the vet is in order.

Watch Their Weight


If the dog is obese they are at a risk for a number of health problems. If the dog is underweight they may experience health problems as well. it is important to provide the dog with a balanced diet and watch the number of treats that the dog is given. If a person is unsure how much to feed their dog, read more about serving guidelines or ask the vet.

These are some ways to tell if a dog is healthy. It is important to monitor the dog and give them a good check to make sure they are not ill or in need of medical care.