How To Add A Plug-In To Adobe Lightroom

Do you want to improve how use your Lightroom software? Well, if this is your wish, then installing a plugin on Lightroom will help you achieve this process. Lightroom plugins offer a fantastic versatility to an already great product. Before we explain how= to install a plugin, you need to understand the distinctive feature between plugins and presets.

Presets allow you to perform the repetitive and exhaustive tasks in Lightroom just from a click of a button. While Plugins allow you to do tasks that Lightroom alone cannot complete.

Thinks of Lightroom plugins as add-ons. In this guide, we discuss some of the best plugins you can install on Lightroom and how the installation process is carried out.

How to install Lightroom Plugins

Installing a Lightroom plugin is simple. The first step is to search for the plugin you would want to install, then download it.


Step 1. Download the plugin setup you want to install on Lightroom. Next, unzip the file to an area where you can access it easily. If you have different plugins on your machine, then it is vital to give it a name that you will remember easily. Ensure your read the instructions on the Readme file. It contains vital information that explains how the installation process of the plugin can be carried out as well as how to use the plugin.

Step 2. Open the Lightroom program and from the top left toolbar, Select file> then Plugin Manager. This is the place that contains all your active plugins.

Step 4. Navigate to the plugin locations (Where the downloaded file is) and click add a plugin. Once click add, the plugin in will be activated. Whenever you want to deactivate your plugin, you can always come to this are and deactivate it.

Highlighted below are some of the best lightroom plugins that can help you change completely how to use your Lightroom software.

1. Aurora HDR

If you are looking to get a blended and balanced exposure of your image, then this is the best plugin for you. Although Lightroom can do this, it does not offer in-depth controls like a dedicate HDR processor.


Aurora HDR is one of the best plugins you can use if you are an architectural or landscape photographer. It is easy to use leave your photos with much to be desired.

2. Photolemur

If you are a newbie in photography and find Lightroom controls complex or too daunting to use, then this Lightroom plugin is your best bet. The plugin is well-known for its programmed editing powers.

To use, you only need to drop the photo on the applications and it will analyze different elements of the image and makes its adjustments and enhancement automatically.

3. Keyboard Tamer

This plugin allows users to create some custom made keyboard shortcuts for Lightroom. The tool allows you to completely define how you use Lightroom.


Having shortcuts can make your work easier by using a few keyboard combinations. These shortcuts will help you perform different actions as well as selections that would otherwise require the use of mouse clicks.